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Baluchi Camel Man

Professional Journeys’ Narrative – 21

Pinching heat of summer season is well known to Baloch people living West of Dalbandin as well as west of Nukundi. We had to travel west of Ameer Chah, situated in north of Nukundi. As for the matter of drinking water, it was a journey of life risk for the entire team including the Baloch […]

Professional Journeys’ Narrative – 20

Professional Journeys’ Narrative – 20

Summer temperature had been increasing day by day and under the circumstances a special tour program had been worrying me quite a lot. This tour program was for north of Koh e Sultan, near Afghanistan border. Thinking about this program during the hot weather had been worrying me more and more. According to information the […]

Professional Journeys' Narrative - 10

Professional Journeys’ Narrative – 10

(An account of journeys exclusively based on true picture of areas and the people there. No poetic or romantic false expressions are included) Dust storms and whirl winds command south-western Areas of Baluchistan during summer. Abrupt and spontaneous strong whirl winds are regular surprise. Our tents’ accommodations were worst affected during summer. In some of […]