Wednesday, March 03, 2021

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Aurat March

Aurat March – A Symbol of Anarchy

Aurat March, Aurat community, Aurat Rights, this word ‘Aurat’ has become something which seems out of this world, an alien entity and is in search of its identity and a secure place to settle down and grow. This is how badly it has been used and negatively propagated by people / gangs, want to divide […]

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Stubborn Sincerity to Ex-Colonial Rulers

Stubborn Sincerity to Ex-Colonial Rulers

In modern world, apparently, custom of unpaid forced labor does not exist, as the Kings / Rajas / Nawabs are extinct. It is extremely surprising that activities of an eternally surviving king persistently go unnoticed. This king possessing everlasting survival is Dominated Mentality. Mission of The King is eliminating local culture and lifestyles and propagating […]

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