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organized religion

Organized Religion and Secular Societies

Will organized religion die out eventually? If so, is that a good thing? In modern times, more and more people are speaking out against organized religion. A popular stance from the opponents is observed. “We are not against individual religion. We are against organized religion. Religion should be everyone’s private matter!” Apparently, there is nothing […]

caste class

The Castes That Divide Us

While the national understanding of classism grows, caste remains a fairly untouched matter Growing old in a Punjabi middle-class family can teach you a thing or two about castes. Everything from who you should eat with to whom you are allowed to marry is indoctrinated within our minds. It is such a normalized concept that […]

Indigenous owners of Territory in State of Exile

Indigenous owners of Territory in State of Exile

Most conspicuous phenomenon in the listed declared states of the world is that top priority obligations are almost forgotten or totally neglected. Concerning citizens’ welfare, there are numerous unattended priorities in Pakistan. The most important and most neglected top priority is solution of the problems of various sections of minorities, especially the Hindu minority. As […]