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Saddam's Great Iraq - 6

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 6

After a few weeks I was assigned a project, an execution project of course, in Miqdadia near north-western border of Iran. Here we were provided AC cabins for stay. All meals and tea / coffee were totally free. I was informed that project management authorities were responsible for providing free accommodation and meals for all […]

Saddam's Great Iraq - 5

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 5

After the event of encounter with Egyptian and Palestinian surveyors, atmosphere of the whole camp became very accommodating for me. Engineers of various countries and nationalities started giving me ever more regards than before. It appeared that they had accepted me as an authority in matters of surveying and route location for canals and drains. […]

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 3

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 3

During month of Ramadan, year 1980, I was appointed to work with a team of surveyors in and around Hilla City. This team consisted of Iraqis, Egyptians, Palestinians, one Polish and one Pakistani. I had been assigned the job of preparation of a comprehensive topographical map of thousand of acres of area for planning treatment […]