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Post Verdict Wailing

Islam If a sane non believer anywhere on earth, is informed that state of Pakistan was procured in the name of Muslims, at exceptionally high cost of abduction of ninety thousand chaste Muslim women and massacre of thousands of Muslim children, women, men and patients, he will implore that basic teachings of religion of such Muslims must form basic of ruling system of such a state.

Belated discussions about the system in Pakistan, reflect wishfulness more than what Allama Iqbal and Quid-e-Azam M. A. Jinnah ever spoke or not. The topic is a production that fails at the very box office. The very idea of referring the subject to deceased leaders is irrational because response and sacrifices for the call of struggle for Muslim independence will continue to speak far more loudly and clearly even for deaf and dumb. What for the people sacrificed their lives and properties when they were utterly ignorant about the very idea of communism, secularism, socialism, etc? They only knew Islam and sacrificed for Islam. Any call other than Islam could never prepare them to surrender anything belonging to them as they were going to be the independent citizens of secular India sharing equal right with fellow citizens of all religions.

Here under, study, refresh and bow in solemn respect & honour for the nature and sincerity of the sacrifices:-

1- Ninety thousand chaste Muslim women and ladies were abducted.

2- Countless innocent babies, young men and aged persons were slaughtered mercilessly.

3- Countless respectable families, living happy and comfortable lives were completely finished and there is nobody left to remember them.

4- Properties and possessions acquired through lifelong hard work were destroyed and snatched.

5- Mothers, children, sisters, brothers and parents got missing never to meet again in life.

6- Many men and women unable to tolerate the slaughter and missing of their dear ones, suffered from madness till death.

Some groups in Pakistan are terribly sure that this territory had been presented to them in golden tray with salutes of a whole brigade.

Communism Instead of honouring the internationally respected sacrifices, earning of attention through engineered out interpretations is ruthlessly tried. Breaking a secular state for making another secular state at the cost of tremendous bloodshed and loss of honour is simply meaningless. Hindus and believers of all religions of India very well know the cause of disintegration of Bharat Mata. Only a few groups in Islamic Jamhuriya Pakistan have not so far been able to know the basic cause of breaking Indian Territory that had been one compact unit for the last thousands of years.

Affording respect to the spirit of sacrifices, impartial believers of all religions, including Jews (not Zionists), Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists will agree for Islamic system in Pakistan because it affords perfect security and justice to all citizens, especially to minorities. Islamic system cares more. Late Mr. Justice A. R. Cornelius stressed the need for Islamic system saying that the state had been achieved for that.

Although women / ladies can fully participate in normal activities side by side with men, duly observing compulsory hijab, yet some people with extra ordinary motives feel suffocation in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, and are badly scared to expect crimes free atmosphere in Islamic Pakistan. Perhaps they are more scared due to approval of hijab uniform of Iran’s women football team enabling them for participation in international matches.

Whereas smugglers of various foreign products have little objection to the Islamic system, some under mentioned categories of personnel do not see the future of their ‘liberties’ in Islamic Jamhuriya Pakistan:-

1- Persons surviving on resources of sex market.

2- Professional models, ladies / gents, including runners of modeling nurseries involving baby girls throwing them in filth for life.

3- Investors in fashion show industries.Socialism

4- Sex oriented singers.

5- Romantic poets.

6- Adulteration mafia.

7- Land mafia.

8- Fake medical practitioners.

9- Individuals with fake educational degrees.

10- Government and private employees surviving on corruption.

11- Those stealing taxes.

12- Double nationality personnel working for their foreign nationality countries.

13.  Holders of foreign bank accounts of looted money.


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