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Neglected Priorities and Forgotten Martyrs

sub-continent11Pakistan Movement’s workers and their generations, including Muslims and minorities, who indulged in personality cult to the extent of core faith, could not and will not ever possess relevant national character unless a justice based analysis strikes their stubborn discretion.

Ladies, children and gentlemen who sacrificed their honour, lives and possessions during process of finding an independent ideological state, deserve right of eternal remembrance. Not honouring martyrs jeopardises honourable survival.

Incidents of massacre of peaceful human beings, in history, can never be forgotten or ignored by generations to come. Established opinion related to those responsible, directly or indirectly, for cruelties and mercilessness will never change till eternity.

Firon’s atrocities against Israelis, bloodshed and devastation by Genghis Khan and by Halaku Khan that can be quoted as extreme disgrace to mankind, countless death penalties and unprecedented insult and dishonour to women during imposition and maintenance of Communism system, use of extra ordinary ammunition against a retiring defeated army, indiscriminate killings to force democratic system of governance, wastage of lives and properties of citizens during capturing lands and natural resources of weak peoples, massacre of 1947 during partition of territory of India, dishonouring and slaughtering of peaceful families of Ahmedabad in 2002, are all part of the same long list. Other bloodsheds happened and ceased but massacre of 1947 continues in Kashmir, Ahmadabad, Asaam and Muzaffarnagar.

Prick of massacre of 1947 can never be assessed from study of history. Its stabbing pain might be partly felt from the following diagram of words:-

‘You are exchanging sentiments of love and respect in a comfortable sitting with your sons, daughters, sisters and elders when all of a sudden gangs of murderers and killers intrude into your residence and start killing your minors and elders. You yourself injured to die watch your family members bathed in blood.’

Exactly in accordance with the same scene countless families vanished and nobody remained to remember them. Assets achieved through lifelong labour and hard work were looted and destroyed. Parents, children, sisters and brothers were separated and got missing. So many ladies and gentlemen unable to tolerate the scenes of bloodshed lost their mental health for life.  The leaderships must have managed security of the people exactly in the same manner in which they managed perfect security for their own selves.

In case of a natural disaster, history could simply mention it as catastrophe. But this massacre was the result of absolute overlook by the leading team members in whom the people had confidence for their perfect security.

Expectation of calm atmosphere during process of breakage of Indian Territory was totally unreasonable. Leaderships must have sensed the calamity and taken steps to eliminate it. Failure to forestall it is a question mark in relation to judgement and intuition of the leadership who had been active during the entire period of struggle for decolonization of the subcontinent.

Overlooked priority No. 1 before 1947: During about 30 years of struggle for a Muslims’ homeland out of the territory of India, the principle necessity was overlooked. Sound arrangements for perfect security of Muslim, Sikh and Hindu families choosing to migrate and those rejecting migration, were never considered during the entire period. Failure in managing this principle necessity of prime importance, resulted in abduction and dishonouring of 90,000 Muslim women and merciless slaughter of countless innocent women, children and men during active presence of police and armed forces. People’s confidence in their leaders regarding their security turned out to be completely fake. It turned out that nothing had been ever planned to defend them from ensuing disaster. Approaching calamity had never been pre assessed.

Overlooked priority No. 2 after 1947: Construction of a Memorial Monument in honour of the Martyrs of Independence. The monument will always remind citizens possessing the smallest degree of conscious that every penny of public money is stamped with blood and honour of martyrs. It will continue to remind citizens hired by foreign rulers against heavy bags of dollars, that there is a limit beyond which everybody must fear before Nature’s cudgel hits.

Unfortunately such a monument is not under consideration even up till now. Neshan e Haider for an extra ordinary feat never goes to the Army Chief or the President of the State.

Sacrifice of an individual certainly stands to be great, yet it achieves limited goal. Martyrs of independence sacrificed for generations and as such their achievements stand to be unlimited.

After the entire scenario of bloodshed, looting and dishonouring, the state acquired in the name of Muslims and for the Muslims got into the following shape:-

  1. All sections of media got busy in sex agitating displays collected from all over the world.
  2. Ladies display their bodies in return for money. Women honoured with sacred relations of mother, sister, wife and daughter are thus being insulted in a state especially procured for Muslims.
  3. Strong persuasions for luxury which is the mother of all crimes and misappropriations.
  4. Tribes joining Pakistan to be a Muslims’ State, had to face all shapes of Mumbai and the West.
  5. Disgusted they indulged in armed struggle after waiting for more than half a century. Their prolonged patience is highly appreciable.
  6. Induction of slaves’ mentality in citizens through Mama-Papa culture, Marathon race, Valentine day, Pakistani idols, estranging 85% village and tribal population.
  7. Promoting inherited politics by duping illiterate population in the name of democracy.
Idol Crazy Girls

Idol Crazy Girls

Joint effects of activities of politicians and dictators have created various groups of so called Danishwars (wisdom owners) who are working hard to pollute basic ideology of procuring Pakistan with induction of secularism, socialism, communism, etc. These various groups of individuals are totally devoid of capabilities of developing and promoting what is available with the nation and the state. They absolutely don’t have the guts to impress as a result of which they always love to imitate imported terminologies and socio political systems. Verily dominated mentalities love to follow others. They always hate what they own and possess. They totally overlook the relevance of their exalted opinions in relation to 34 years of struggle for Muslims’ Pakistan. Hereby they are being helped to recollect some fundamental truth and basic facts:-

  1. Indian Territory got divided on the basis of a settled ideology not due to difference of opinion about music and fashion.
  2. Ideologies never get affected by time and circumstances. Time is always subject to ideologies.
  3. ‘Islami’ is not compulsory with state’s name, just as word ‘human being’ is not necessary with a person’s name.
  4. Every clause of the state’s constitution is subject to the ideology of Pakistan.
  5. Deserving even respect and regards, all Hindu, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Buddha, Parsi and Gipsy, lady citizens, daughter of nation, cover their heads and bodies in respects for region’s traditions and culture. Gangs involved in business of earning money from display of their naked body parts, deserve capital punishment.
  6. Every citizen must keep in mind that unflinching respect for national and territorial traditions help in elimination of crimes.
  7. Media’s imported reflections must be controlled by force. It is prime responsibility of every government.
  8. Politicians with double nationality or politicians married to ladies with double nationality are least reliable for serving interests of the state.
  9. Tribes joined Pakistan in respect for the ideology. They did not join for atmosphere of Mumbai and West. They are justified in rejecting imported life styles and etiquettes. They must be heard in the interest of ideology which is fundamental for state’s survival.
  10. Minorities have contributed a lot for the state. Their plight needs serious attention. In far-flung areas their rights are not securely respected.

In order to avoid acquiring shape of sub-India, minimum control over media must be learnt from Saudi Arabia and Iran. Modelling, imported luxurious life styles and imported etiquettes are against the ideology of the state.

Everything on earth has ultimately to end, except for the sentence “Pakistan is at a very critical stage”, that was born during 1949 and appears to be immortal. The statement stands to be a confession for participation in something of irrelevant unfamiliar dimensions.

Purposes of an independent state of Pakistan have not been achieved during 7 decades period and the direction of performance of politicians gives no sign of good hope. State’s governance atmosphere is not at all conducive to ideology and the constitution. Boost of ever new sophisticated crimes and corruptions is the result. Every coming day introduces to more and more hopelessness. Citizens surviving with honour and dignity are maintaining on their own with blessings by Almighty.

India’s territory and population are around 4 to 6 times those of Pakistan, but their socio political problems are multiple times more than this ratio. In spite of that India is on way to be an economic power. The only open secret commanding this progress and prosperity is the top most layer of a small number of honest, sincere and terribly dedicated politicians towards whom nobody on earth can raise a finger against their honesty and sincerity. Pakistanis have been searching for that top layer for the past prolonged period of 65 years. The process of deterioration continues.

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