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Feminism is Evil


The first national Women’s Day was celebrated on February 28, 1909 in United States, following a declaration by the Socialist Party. And that’s how ideology of Feminism came into existence. Most of the Feminists activists around the world are women and its all about Woman Rights, but even after 104 years, it is still not clear what these rights are and why Feminists consider them insecure, what they are fighting for.

Feminism and Women Rights is a title which has not been understood properly, not even by people who created it and even by the feminists themselves. It is a title which simply ignites divine inspiration and enthusiasm in the female specie of human race. No female know why and how it happens, it just happens and that is why women like it, especially those which are unsatisfied from their personality and are in search of some kind of proof of superiority and certificate of super human being. It is actually a self centered attitude of own welfare and disregard towards all others including the population of their own gender.

Feminism started as a political moments. In order to acquire absolute support of the half of the population of the society, political think tanks crafted this ideology. It was the time when general education was not available to the masses, both men and women. Women are naturally sensitive than men, thus they were an easy target for exploitation. Politicians gave the idea of women rights, female supremacy and won the full support of the half of the population of the society. This evil political tactic sowed the ideology that women are superior to men and they can change the society without the help of their male partners. Politics, industrialization and modernism intensified this ideology and created a line of difference and an unending debate with no conclusion. It is a shake of simple water and nothing will come out of it.

Feminists pretend to like other feminists and females but actually they don’t. A normal human being has a natural temperament of acceptance, forgiveness and forbearance towards others, but feminists always distinguish between normal and superior class. For example, a normal male will easily accept and tolerate a female around, neglecting most of her personality inadequacies and stressing only on certain qualities, but a Feminist, suppose to be a worshiper of welfare of female gender, will point out a thousand objections indicating impropriety and incompleteness.

Feminism is a threat to society. It disturbs the harmony and equilibrium of the society. Nobody can be a Feminist and a happily married at the same time. Most of feminists women prefer to stay single and party the life. One may stress that many feminists are married and living normal life, it is true, but that person will not tell you the story after standard fairy tale happy ending phrase, “happily ever after”, which is most of time quite contradictory from the first part. After the age of 40, most feminists get divorce from their spouses, considering that he does not provide them the respect they deserve, etc. and live the life as singles. There is nothing wrong in living the life without a spouse, but it is wrong if the relationship has been termination because of superiority complex.

A person infected with feminist ideology does not marry for normal reason, it is the hormones that makes them marry a man, for emotional and physical support and pleasure which is architected by God so that society can stay in harmony, but after a certain age the chemical reaction looses its intensity and now they realize that they were wrong, made a mistake, and they are super human beings, and obviously super human beings deserve better. Therefore, now they prefer to stay single and work for the so called cause of Welfare of female race. And if some feminists are still in a relationship, it is because they do not have the resources to fight their so called Cause by themselves, and they need financial and social support of their spouses, so they stick to the position, but unsatisfied and complaining all the time.

It is a common accuse of feminists that women are dictated throughout their lives and they have always been taught what to do and what not to do. They are taught to behave and think according to the generally acceptable norms concerning women. –– It is true, but men have also been dictated and taught throughout their lives, and they also have been taught to behave like men, because that is how God Almighty has created human beings. Men and women have different body structure, different mentality, different jobs and responsibilities, but connected to each other in order to successfully cover all the aspects of a normal life of human beings. So if a female is acting like a male, she needs medical help, this includes physical and neurological treatments. Similarly, if a man behave like a woman, and instead of working like a man, for example, starts thinking of getting pregnant, he should be treated seriously, because he may need professional medical and psychological help. – The conclusion is that there is nothing wrong in being slightly dictated if it is for the sake of betterment.

Women who consider that their rights have been violated, their freedom has been jeopardized, they must consult someone wiser in their family or in their social structure, and in worst cases to a psychiatrist, because the problem is not with males around them or the so called male society, the problem lies within themselves, in the conscious.

This article is inspired by an articles published in Daily Dawn (Images) Title: FemiNazism, on March 03, 2013. Written by: Sehyr Mirza


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