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Dawn of Year 2010 in Pakistan

Grid Station Black-outs sans war continued in Pakistan at the dawn of New Year 2010. Foreigners calmly shared the darkness along with sobbing citizens. The very start of the New Year was greeted with switches on without light in most parts of the country including my own locality. Infants, students, aged persons, patients, industries, workmen and places of worship all met the New Year without power. People responsible for the situation appeared to be more calm and peaceful than anybody else because special arrangements spared them from the calamity. They do not want to know who IS responsible for the situation but they can certainly issue dozens of written pages about who WAS responsible for the set back, because they govern the country on lapses of their predecessors. They did issue highly assuring conformations that only days before start of the New Year, power break with vanish, but that was some six months ago. They use prevailing situations for fresh justifications because past is past. People don’t forget it but fresh promises certainly have charm and attraction.

For unlimited numbers of times that managers have given their commitments that such and such dams can never be constructed but certainly some dams are about to be started from which sufficient electricity shall be available after only about seven years period. By that time uncountable numbers of students might be derailed from the track of their career for not studying properly in dark. In the meantime uncountable numbers of infants will grow for sharing the darkness along with adults. Uncountable numbers of elders will be transmitted from over land darkness to underground darkness. The managers informed the citizens that special arrangements are being made for power generations but nobody is seeing the results of those efforts and the New Year has set in without electricity.

candal There is of course a news for the citizens. With heels high and chins up it has been declared that in spite of extreme shortage of electricity, its cost per unit is being increased. Similarly for gas, although its pressure is not up to that mark yet its cost has been increased. This New Year’s package for the citizens who can very well note how efficiently things are being managed for their benefits.

We have heard about mid night dance for greeting the New Year but it was later informed by one of the spectators that dancing youth belonged to parents who had the resources for affording own power generations for indefinite period. In a way they have been rejoicing over more than 50% dark hours during every 24 hours period, on the average.

Pakistan has already gained 5 more marks in corruption as declared by TI (Transparency International). In additions to that it has gained many times more marks in increased poverty. Foreign debts have increased by many billions. Very poor economic conditions have created insoluble problems for poors who form major part of the populations. This situation is causing increase in various social crimes beyond the control of law enforcing agencies who cannot stop suicides, selling of children, disowning of babies and numerous other invisible crimes.

This country had been achieved to be another welfare state amongst the nations of the world. Due to incapable politicians and greedy dictators, its condition started deteriorating in every aspect of human life. The rulers have not been able to give even least possible regards to thousands of children, women and men who lost their lives and property merely for the sake of independence.

By: Geodetic Engr. M. Ashraf

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