Thursday, August 18, 2022

Atmosphere Against Kashmir Cause

Operation Zarb-e-Azb can be concluded with success earlier than anticipated if the democratic government shares and undertakes its responsibilities by immediately activating suspended and postponed part of the constitution related to Islamic way of life for which people of FATA opted to join Pakistan. Efforts of the operation will become all the more effective with simultaneous parallel reforms following the constitutional clauses related to religious affairs. Verily policy of postponing these clauses for indefinite period might result in different shapes of extremism. Presently whole burden is placed on defence forces and the civil government is only observer.


Strategic analysts are observing that anti-Islamic ways of life are in a state of exceptional permissiveness in the country. Female modelling is getting more and more popularised and process of their displays on screens are becoming increasingly sex agitating and sex involving. A few days back an innocent candidate model appeared on TV channel to disclose that she had been forced to surrender for sex. Her face was covered and she had been weeping during entire course of interview. The person conducting interview was suggesting that she must have complained against the person involved. It must be silly suggestion because the defaulter could have been the person himself with whom the complaint had to be lodged. This incidence means a lot that need not be explained. A few months back a trainee model from Sialkot cantt was found dead on her bed. There is every reason to believe that she had been murdered for not surrendering her chastity.

Displays of models from Bollywood and Westerner media are contributing multiple and complex effects on young generation of Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan which basically and historically comprises of a conservative society.

In all fairness and by all justifications ways of living in Pakistan must differ from ways of life in India to support the partition of 1947 at exceptionally high cost of honour, lives and properties. A young man of 24 came to Rawalpindi from Kashmir for first time in life. Having a round of the city he remarked “absolutely same atmosphere as in Bombay”.

By and by Islamic clauses of constitutions are being postponed for unknown periods and maybe for ever. Some future assembly might manage to delete the Islamic clauses from state’s constitution altogether. This will be a disastrous occasion. It will mean murder of ideology for which this piece of territory had been procured. It will mean to be blow to people of occupied Kashmir as some type of Mr. Modi of future will convince Kashmiris that Indian constitution does not very much differ from Pakistani constitution. He will also convince the world community that Muslims of India enjoy more religious liberty as compared to majority population of Pakistan and the process of partition of 1947 stands practically groundless.

Some over rip heads in governance are badly damaging the image of the state and its people. These salary wishers are impeding the process of constructive efforts of the governance team as also marring the image of the nation among the international community. They speak today about some policy and contradict it the very next week. These heads must be removed from political arena of the country forever. Their approach is primitive by decades. They must stay at home and let the fresh young heads contribute.

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